What is All-On-Four?

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Video Transcript

Yeah, so as the name implies, it's a full set of teeth anchored by four implants.

The key difference with All-On-Four is its immediate function. So the implants are designed for that procedure. So they are very tightly anchored in bone.

Four dental implants are placed when the patient is asleep or occasionally when they're awake using local. We take a record of implant location, and the following day our technician on-site makes a horseshoe prosthesis that's bolted onto the implants and it's anchored in place.

It's a two-day process. Very different to conventional implant treatment for a full jaw which required time for the implants to connect to integrate into the bone. The key difference with All-On-Four, it's a full latch on four implants but we get immediate function. So very appealing for patients. So it requires custom-made implants for that purpose, which is crucial for the procedure.

There's certain techniques to follow during surgery as well. You need an on-site laboratory to make them for you as well. So, a two-day process as opposed to 9 - 12 months in some cases.

So the full price for the entire all-on-four procedure, which includes surgery for the first set of teeth and the second set, is $25,000.

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