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Sleep Dentistry Options

We strive to make all our patients as comfortable as possible.

For a complex surgical procedure or for a patient who is fearful of the dentist, there are two options available to make their procedure more comfortable:


Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a form of sedation used in dentistry but the name can be a confusing term since the patient is still awake during this type of sedation. 

It is also known as ”Twilight Sedation” and it is a form of conscious sedation. Medications are administered intravenously to produce a calm and relaxing experience for the patient. It can be useful for patients with dental phobias.

Patients are still conscious and can breathe on their own.

They can obey commands and are still vaguely aware of their surroundings. The use of local anaesthetic is still essential during twilight sedation.

The problem we have encountered with IV sedation in the past is that the patient seeking “sleep dentistry” or “twilight sedation” really wants and is often expecting to be fully asleep for their procedure.

The level of sedation on occasion has not been adequate for our needs. This is especially the case for profound dental phobia or major dental surgery such as the All on 4 procedure.

We have now moved away IV/ twilight sedation and now exclusively offer full general anaesthetic on-site at our practice.


General Anaesthetic

General Anaesthetic is administered intravenously and the medications render a patient completely unconscious. There is no awareness of the surroundings or the procedure.

The provision of General Anesthesia requires advanced medical equipment to keep patients safe and to assist their breathing during their procedure.

General Anaesthesia is now our method of choice for all complex surgical procedures (eg  All on 4), dental phobias or any dental procedure where the patient would prefer a general anaesthetic.

We can now provide full general anaesthetic onsite at our Helensvale practice.

Our onsite theatre (pictured below) is equipped to hospital standard and administered by an experienced specialist Anaesthetist.

Our on-site dental surery theatre in Helensvale, Gold Coast


Take a virtual walkthrough of our Dental Surgery Theatre


Is sleep dentistry for me?

Wondering if sleep dentistry is the right choice for you? If dental treatments make you anxious or fearful, sleep dentistry offers a perfect solution. It's especially beneficial for individuals who:

  • Have a low pain threshold
  • Experience highly sensitive teeth
  • Struggle with a strong gag reflex
  • Require complex dental treatments

If you identify with any of these factors, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. 


More Information

For more information about our sleep dentistry services, please contact us on (07) 5573 1368 or request a consultation below. 

We're here to help you feel comfortable and confident during your dental care journey.

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