Sleep Dentistry

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Sleep Dentistry

We strive to make all our patients as comfortable as possible. The clinic has been designed and built to accommodate this. We offer the following:

  • Nitrous oxide

Also known as “happy gas". This form of sedation is ideal for mild dental anxiety and is excellent for minor surgical procedures (e.g. tooth removal) for any patient. The patient wears a nosepiece and inhales the gas which produces a calming and pleasant sensation.

  • General anaesthetic

This is when patients are given drugs to produce a reversable loss of consciousness. Patients will not be aware of any stage of the procedure and will be entirely pain free. This is performed by an experienced anaesthetist and is conducted in Day Surgery in hospital. This is most appropriate for complex dental implant surgery (such as All on 4), having multiple teeth removed, or any dental procedure for the profoundly phobic patient.

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Our Services

  • All-On-4

    Looking for an alternative to dentures? “All on 4" dental implants can give you beautiful new teeth in just 24 hours. All on 4 simply means all of your teeth anchored by 4 dental implants. Dr Sempf has extensive training and experience in All on 4. He commenced All on 4 treatments on the Gold Coast in 2014.

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  • Sleep Dentistry

    Some patients experience significant anxiety when attending their dentist. This typically stems from an unpleasant childhood experience. Sleep dentistry is an excellent solution for this group of patients. We offer "laughing gas" sedation, oral sedation and/or full general anaesthetic in hospital.

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  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Significant advances have been made recently in cosmetic dentistry. The digital age has reached dentistry. We can now design your new smile digitally and show you the proposed outcome before any treatment commences. ( DSD ) Click here to learn more about digital smile dentistry (DSD)

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