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The big difference, you know, in more so with All-on-4 dental implants is two things. You need appropriate infrastructure on site. So you need a cone beam CT scanner to do the appropriate planning. You must have your onsite lab, so that procedure entails surgery one day, and either teeth that afternoon, or most commonly the following day. So you need an onsite laboratory with someone who's got the appropriate experience and training to deliver that prosthesis, which not many places have, and our onsite technician/prosthetist is a very accomplished, experienced guy in that field.

And because personally, you need appropriate training and experience. I've done my normal degree that most guys have done. I've done a postgrad diploma in implants at Sydney, 2011. And since then, with emphasis on the All-on-4 training, I've been to Portugal to train with Professor Malo, who's the founder of the technique, and locally in Australia with the Malo Clinic in Melbourne. Dr. Larry Benge who's the Australian ambassador for the procedure.

Duncan Du Buisson is his name. A very skilled technician and different. So there's no one quite like Duncan I think in Queensland in terms of experience in that area. So he's involved in the planning and the workup for the patient. So for the patient who proceeds, we don't just book him into surgery. There's a bit of a process to plan, to design their teeth prior to surgery date. Duncan is involved with that.

Duncan has two hats. He does the technical work. He makes the teeth. So Duncan makes those. But he also is a prosthetist who if you've got, not having dental implants, he does the entire process. So if someone is getting dentures, Duncan is the man that makes them. Take the records. So he's very skillful and knowledgeable in designing teeth shapes and those sort of things. So Duncan is involved in the planning workup stage. Then I do the surgery. I do the following steps the following day, but Duncan makes the teeth for us as well.

So he's got enormous experience in that area. And this is a real team process, and I can't do what he does. He can't do what I do, but together it's a sort of team environment.

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