What Are The Benefits Of All-on-Four?

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Video Transcript

The big advantage, of course, is they're (the teeth) fixed in place, so they don't move anymore.

The other big one is that bone is like muscle in that it needs to be loaded and stimulated.

Denture wearers suffer from a problem, over time, where the pressure of the denture on the gum and the bone causes more vertical bone loss over time, which can make implant treatment (like all-on-4 dental implants) much more complex in the future.

Whereas dental implant treatment loads the bone internally so it preserves bone density & bone volume. It's much like having a muscle that is being used regularly, it maintains that growth & volume. It's also good for facial contours as well, they get less collapsed over time.

Teeth that are broken down and decayed lead to long-term infection, which causes bone change and bone loss as well that can complicate future dental implant treatment in most cases.

Same with gum disease - Long-term untreated gum disease on terminal teeth can sacrifice more bone over time and that makes it very hard/challenging to do implants later on.

So, if your teeth are on the way out, it's nice to intervene reasonably early rather than wait until it's too late.

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