What to expect from All-On-4 Implants

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Video Transcript

Yeah, so it depends where they're coming from. If they're wearing dentures, it's a life-changing feeling. It's because there's no movement. They can bite, within reason, things immediately. For the person who's got failing teeth, it depends how sick they are. So, some people have really loose teeth from gum disease. It's an enormous benefit straight away because they've got teeth that are not moving around.

There are some negatives. There's sort of a change in shape, a change in contour. So, for a patient with dentures or failing teeth, that's a different shape to your tongue. It takes time to get used to. On the positive, a denture wearer on a top jaw, the palate's all gone. So, they can taste things again. So that their speech is a bit tricky to start with, but the taste is returning. People don't realize there's taste buds in your palate. So for a full denture wearer with the palate covered, they lose that feeling.

So, one big thing, patients who've gone from full dentures to this, they love the feel of it. They can taste things. They can drink wine and those things, and their taste returns, as well as chewing better. But there are some speech challenges to start with. It's a different shape to the teeth. We make it as soon as we can, but the first week, people lisp a little bit. They trip over it sometimes. That goes away fairly fast.

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