How Much Do All-On-4 Dental Implants Cost?

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Video Transcript

So, All-in-Four is a technique that was developed by Professor Malo from the Malo Clinic in Portugal. All-on-4 simply entails four strategic dental implants supporting an entire arch of teeth. In the past where grafting was required, there'd be a lengthy process which was both more costly and more time-consuming for patients.

With All-on-Four, with the use of four strategic implants, we can progress from either a denture or file-in teeth to a fixed-bridge in two days with less implants, that also lowers costs compared to in the past doing more implants, which are more difficult to clean and maintain as well. So the big benefit, only four implants required, lower cost, and immediate function.

So the cost of All-on-Four dental implants, it varies from case to case. But for most people, for the surgery, teeth out, if required, and implants and the teeth is $17,000.

For some people that can be their final solution.

For a lot of people, they do need a second set of teeth once implants have integrated and connected to the bone. The big reason is, for the first set of teeth, they must finish at the location of the last implant. There's a sinus on the top jaw, which limits where the implant can be placed. On the lower jaw, there's a nerve that limits how far that back implant can be. Once the implants have connected to the bone and integrated, the second set of teeth extend further backward with cantilevers.

So it's useful to get that second set of teeth to get more teeth. People have a fuller smile with back teeth and there's more teeth in for chewing purposes. Some people, their anatomy is such that they need the second set of teeth. But for most people, we encourage the second one. It's stronger and more durable over time as well.

The second set of teeth is an additonal $8,000.

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